What Makes Us DIFFERENT?

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Innovative, Efficient, Trustworthy

Premium Solar Patios is an installer and distributor of a unique solar product for residential customers. We aim to provide a solution that allows American homeowners to go green that they otherwise couldn’t. This could be for many reasons from structural issues, trees, lack of roof space, aesthetics, HOA restrictions, etc.
Why not go green, eliminate your dependence on dirty energy, and add a beautiful living space for your family!

Our Process


Our comprehensive service includes crew assignment, panel installation, electrical setup, and meter installation, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for your solar energy transition.

Design & Construction Estimate

We provide a streamlined experience by offering finalized design consultations, seamless financing approval, and quality equipment selection, making your transition to solar energy smooth and hassle-free.


Our expert team navigates city, HOA, and utility final approvals, assists with applying for tax credits, and ensures a smooth transition to officially “going solar” for a stress-free, eco-friendly transformation.

Engineering & Permmitting

We meticulously handle electrical and structural approvals, obtain necessary permits in compliance with state regulations, and adhere to code enforcement guidelines, guaranteeing a secure and compliant solar installation experience.

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